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Who is The Biking Actor?


Well, I'd like to think that it would take more than a few paragraphs to explain who I am!


That said, what I can explain is why I created this site.


I’m a "middle aged" actor from the UK who having returned from a holiday in Australia, bought himself a motorcycle! I'd been seduced by all the Harley's cruising up and down the coastal roads. It looked so much fun in the Aussie sun!


Of course, this is England and I soon discovered that I was a true "fair weather rider". Only perfect sunshine would do.


Surely there must be others like me, those slightly mature in their years who also want to venture into biking (when it's sunny of course!).


Hence, the creation of this site.


Now, I don’t pretend to know much about riding (or acting for that matter) but I'm hoping that over time this site may became a useful "pit stop" for those considering getting into biking.


It may also be useful for those considering a career in acting, as I'll share my experiences, behind the scenes footage and some embarrassing audition tapes.


I've been a professional actor since graduating from LAMDA in 1992, performing in West End musicals "The Phantom of the Opera", "The Bodyguard" & "The Sound of Music", with the odd commercial and Film/TV role squeezed in!


Well that's me!

This site is really just about having some fun, so please come and join me on this ride!

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